What brought you to this blog?

I wonder how long each entrepreneur spends searching through the internet looking for validation on their idea, looking for inspiration? I often wonder if this time is good honest research or a way of putting off the first big step, I mean how many answers will we find via google… you have to get through all the make money quick, become rich overnight schemes and find something tailored exactly to you… is this out there? 

I dont think it is… there isn’t going to be a webpage with a magic button and then an instant revenue pouring into your paypal account, that is NOT going to happen ( No matter what your promised)

Like all good things in life, your business will require work – the difference is you are working for you, for your family –  the feeling of providing for your family and creating a successful business is wonderful and satisfying. You can do it 

I remember typing into my searchbar “make money from home” what was I expecting? I was fed up of party planning, visual assistant and copy reading suggestions… though these suggestion will work for some, not me! I wanted to find clever, interesting suggestions I guess I was confused and overwhelmed with the options, I knew there were so many possibilities I just had to choose one. 

That is why I started this blog, I am an ideas person.. I don’t want to keep them all to myself! 

Later today I will be talking about what tools are needed to get started, you might be surprised you really don’t need alot to succeed, your biggest asset is YOU, you just need to manage yourself correctly. 


talk later! thanks for reading 


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